Urban cultural project
Urban cultural project
02.01 — 09.01.2022
24.09 — 26.09.2021
Krasnodar is growing every day.
Often, new citizens
know almost nothing about our city —
We have created and are developing a project that combines art and modern technologies in order to tell residents more about their city
The venue for exhibitions is the building of the Municipal Concert Hall.
about its attractions,
historical and atmospheric places
"We didn't have enough of the old center, its merchant mansions — we wanted to show the city in all its diversity: people, their lives, new glass buildings — to connect all the "living" layers and focus on the feelings that they give us. Both the dramaturgy and the scenario of viewing the exhibitions "Exit to the City" are built in such a way that the viewer can feel the city with all his senses and at the same time get into the interpretation of the city by artists of the future. And then, having already passed the "Routes of sensations", really go out into the city and look at it through the eyes of the authors of the exhibition"
Oleg Safronov
author of the project
"The name of the project "Exit to the city" was born from navigation, which helps us navigate at the airport when we follow the arrow-pointers. We want to help citizens to be in the thick of cultural life: both those who have been living in Krasnodar for a long time, and those who have recently arrived. Therefore, the "Exit to the city" will be opened by a unique one – no one has ever done this in the city! – the exhibition "Routes of sensations" about how we perceive Krasnodar and what feelings the modern city gives us"
Liliana Egorova
Are you engaged in creativity
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